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Walker Art Cat Video Festival draws 10,000

So it turns out Walker Arts Center’s Internet Cat Video Festival was a massive hit, with a fairly amazing 10,000 people turning up to the screening.

Walker Art Center Internet Cat video film Festival

Happily pictures from the event include one with my video on screen :

Walker Art Internet Cat Film FestivalWalker Art Internet Cat Film Festival

The Cat Video Festival is now set for further screenings at other locations, starting with a show at UMASS Boston on October 23rd.

More on this story : New York Times, Catster, Walker Art Center

Walker Art Center Internet Cat Video Film Festival

My youtube video Dramatic Cat (plus orchestral score) is being screened on August 30th as part of Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video Film Festival.

This event has received quite a lot of coverage, including reports from Guardian, BBC, LA Times, Wired, Huffington Post, Movieline, Mashable and all sorts of other people.